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Pharmako Program

Pharmako program by Eminent Physicians, brings the best of pharmacogenomics for the world population. It helps doctors to determine which drugs will suit the most for a specific person.

Until recently, drugs have been developed with the idea that each drug works pretty much the same in everybody. But genomic research has changed that “one size fits all” approach and opened the door to more personalized approaches to using and developing drugs.

Depending on the genetic makeup of a person, some drugs may work more or less effectively for that person than they do in other people. Likewise, some drugs may produce more or fewer side effects in that specific person than in someone else. Pharmako program helps doctors to routinely use information about the genetic makeup of a person to choose those drugs and drug doses that offer the greatest chance of helping that person.

Pharmako also helps to save time and costs of treatment. By using information about genetic makeup, doctors can now avoid the trial-and-error approach of giving various drugs that are not likely to work for a patient until they find the right one. Using Pharmako, the “best-fit” drug to help a patient can be chosen from the beginning.

Pharmako program is expanding its reach worldwide by appointing exclusive distributors to make it available in many countries. To know more or to represent Pharmako in your country, please send an email to ibd@eminentphysicians.com